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CLOUD Pharmacy Advantages

Data Security

We use the latest and most advanced levels of security to protect your data keeping it safe and HIPAA compliant.  By taking the data out of your store, our CLOUD Core™ design allows access to RxBLU™ from anywhere, at anytime.


Automated Backups

With your data being off-site, it is already backed up.  RxBLU™ then performs additional backups nightly to ensure data integrity and security.  If needed, data can be restored in minutes.


Server Cost Savings

CLOUD Pharmacy yields many savings.  Eliminating the need for an expensive, in-house server is a major one.  Associated server maintenance costs are also eliminated.​


Mobile Pharmacy

RxBLU MobileSite™ allows connectivity to your data from anywhere at anytime. When unforeseen events occur such as hurricanes or other natural disasters, serving your patients is a must.  CLOUD pharmacy allows for mobile connection and the continued servicing of your patients.  As long as you have an internet connection you can connect!


Automated Nightly Reporting and Archiving

Save time and money by allowing RxBLU™ to run and archive your daily reports and submit PMP for you.


Real-time updates

Daily price & clinical updates are done seamlessly in the CLOUD.  RxBLU™ intelligence performs these tasks for you resulting in both cost and time savings.


Need more details? Contact us

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