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RxBLU™ Product Suite
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The most current product within the Independent Pharmacy space today.  The Cloud design and flow compliments the need of pharmacists and their staff.  Our philosophy is to be as thorough as possible.  This is why our on-screen, Central Fusion™ display provides all information needed to fill Rxs accurately and fast!  Be more productive and spend less time getting lost in Windows soup.

Long Term Care
Technician School

Built for Specialty Pharmacy by Specialty Pharmacists.  From the beginning our design was not to limit, but rather to expand what Specialty can be.  With no dollar amount limits and labels that contain exactly what's needed for Specialty Pharmacy, our solution is truly special.

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We have taken Nursing Home management to the next level!  Our robust reporting and batch filling remove the hand work from this tedious process.  By providing detailed reporting at the beginning of the process we make your staff more efficient and accurate.


Knowing and understanding that in order to keep facilities happy, we work with you to keep current  MAR and PO forms in place rather than forcing them to be replaced with only a few.  

SureMed, EMAR & Dispill interfaces are also available. 

IVR BLU™ VOIP Solution

The advantages of having well trained technicians provides peace of mind and confidences to the store management and staff.  Cypress is dedicated to provide our full RxBLU™ product to pharmacy tech learning institutions.  We offer advantages that other companies do not, such as realistic simulated electronic prescribing and online adjudication case scenarios.  Because Cypress understands budget constraints, we offer reduced pricing for learning institutions.

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IVR BLU™ offers all features needed in providing patients  24 hour connectivity to their data and ordering.  Our IVR VOIP solution offers 100% up time with automated answering and ordering done by your custom configuration and recorded messaging. 

Set thresholds to drive outbound calling for Rxs not yet picked up or custom calls to promote special offers.

Our VOIP integration works with any carrier and existing phone system.  

The Cypress Team has spent significant time developing tools in the Cloud and has implemented the industry leading CloudCore™, a very secure, HIPAA compliant web server communication technology that utilizes proprietary secrets yielding striking performance accommodating any sized daily script volume. 

Connect to your pharmacy data from anywhere at anytime.


CloudCoreCentral™ provides chain stores a robust Central Server experience using a single database solution.  

These technologies offer the flexibility of built-in scaling that provides growth to the store owner and protecting their software investment .

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