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Cypress Software, Inc.

Our product, RxBLU™  is a ground up implementation utilizing current Cloud technology allowing access from anywhere at anytime.  

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Independent Pharmacy in the CLOUD

Cypress Software, Inc., CSI, is a Professional Software Company based in Southern California offering Pharmacy Management Software to Independent Pharmacies, Specialty Pharmacies and Pharmacy Technician Schools  & Universities.  We provide the Independent Pharmacist with the best environment to succeed in business and patient care.


In today’s market, current competitor offerings are outdated and remain largely untouched except for changes mandated by Law.  Historically, the industry has attempted to focus on filling and billing prescriptions while offering specific services in an attempt to distinguish them from the competition.  Our business model enables the adaptation of innovative features that leverage current technology placing us and you in the leadership position.  

The Cypress Team brings over 100 years of industry knowledge and has spent significant time developing tools in the Cloud resulting in the industry leading CloudCore™, a very secure, HIPAA compliant web server communication technology that utilizes proprietary secrets yielding striking performance accommodating any sized daily script volume.  

Our product, RxBLU™, is a Cloud Pharmacy Management System architected from the ground-up using CloudCore technology which allows connection from anywhere at anytime.  Its architecture makes it possible to run multiple/chain stores using a single database via our CloudCoreCentral™ with no performance penalties.


RxBLU™ can be installed over the internet in a few minutes using any PC that has an internet connection. The benefits of this architecture is realized upon installation, i.e. a file server or backup system is not required since these functions run and are maintained by our CloudCore™.

We are the only Cloud Based software to offer a complete Pharmacy Management System that accommodates Central Database solutions using a single, license free database for all locations.  We are also the only company in this space with a World-Class Support Team offering unparalleled Customer Care.

RxBLU is full of innovative features all of which have been well thought out and designed to be functional, focusing on ease of use and simplicity.  While performing constant checking and validation to assure patient safety, RxBLU™ provides Pharmacist and Staff the confidence to concentrate on the filling process.

These technologies offer the flexibility of built-in scaling that provides growth to the store owner protecting their software investment . 

Don’t get caught up in the ever increasing consolidation plaguing our industry today!


We put You first.  Keeping you happy makes us happy. 

Data Security.  All of your data resides on a HIPAA compliant, secure and highly efficient web server that you don’t have to buy or maintain.

Competitive pricing.  We fully support Independent Pharmacy, Specialty Pharmacy, Tech Schools and Long Term Care and have chosen to keep our prices competitive, recognizing affordability.

Automated services.  Nightly offsite backups, price updates and file maintenance.

Built around You!  The only way we can produce a system built for you is to implement the features you ask for.  We recognize the high value of your ideas and suggestions!

We’re staying put!  In an industry of acquisitions, buy outs, and closures, we are building a product that will be here for you in the decades to come!

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