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CLOUD Hosted IVR Solution

IVRBLU™ offers all features needed in providing patients  24 hour connectivity to their data and ordering.  Our IVR VOIP solution offers 100% up time with automated answering and ordering done by your custom configuration and custom recorded messaging. 

Allow patients to easily place refill orders, leave voice messages attached to their orders, or check the status of their orders anytime 24 hours a day!  Prescriber support includes leaving new orders and refill authorizations. All callers can leave general voice messages, check business hours and quickly connect to pharmacy staff  at any time. 

Be available to your patients by using IRVBLU™ Pharmacist On Call™ which allows connectivity to any phone number via user defined times of service.

Refill orders are validated in real-time and automatically placed in RxBLU's refill queue. 

User facing interface allows for quick viewing of all orders placed and messages left for staff.

IVRBLU is a software only solution that eliminates the need for on-site hardware and maintenance costs.

No Hardware Required

Scales with call volume

Easy installation and usage

Disaster Recovery Solution

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