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RxBLU Advantages

RxBLU™ Experience -  A simplified and lightning fast filling process that operates 100% in the CLOUD.  Securing your data at the highest level possible, performing automated nightly backups, mobile connectivity when needed, providing real-time price & clinical data updates along with additional innovative features are available to you.  


Built by Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians - RxBLU™ is designed for ease of use and thoughtful processing.  We also listen to you and appreciate your input striving to make a system that continues to make your day flow easier.


Here’s what our customers are saying...


“Great company, love the cloud based service provided. It's great to be able to access the software from anywhere with an internet connection and not just within the pharmacy. The company is always working to create the best software out there.”


Pharmacy Concierge™ Customer Care - At Cypress, you matter the most!  Recognizing the importance of fast, courteous and professional attention is our top priority.  Our 100% customer satisfaction is a testimony to putting you first.


Here’s what our customers are saying...


"I am a consultant pharmacist for an independent specialty pharmacy that uses Cypress Software. I use a few different software programs at the pharmacies I work for and I am most impressed with Cypress Software. The #1 benefit of using Cypress Software is the customer service, literally any questions are responded to within MINUTES. They are always up for the challenge when we request customization of the software to fit the workflow in our very specialized field of pharmacy (hemophilia). 5 stars!"


"They cater to all pharmacies and provide a simple, user friendly software that helps keep things organized and easier to manage. Can't say enough how great the service is!"


Competitive Pricing - We offer affordable licensing fees, bundled incentives and new store discounts.  No additional hidden fees or third-party annual license costs.


Natural Disaster Preparedness - Expect the Unexpected

Are you familiar with the unavoidable weather events that are out of our control?  Have you experienced a Natural Disaster first hand? RxBLU™ is a CLOUD system that operates in the pharmacy, via a remote location and as an RxBLU MobileSite™ when needed.  This creates uninterrupted care and service to your patients during times of crisis and works along side your disaster and emergency plan.


Education for Tomorrow

We offer our full production program to Pharmacy Technician learning institutions fully emulating a live pharmacy environment.  This includes simulated claims adjudication, electronic prescribing and use of full clinical information. Behind every good pharmacy is a good Tech!  Cypress is a proud California State University partner with RxBLU™ as part of their Pharmacy Technician curriculum.


Cloud Core™ Technology

RxBLU™ communicates across the web via our CloudCore™ technology.  Not only is this data transfer secure, it is lighting fast!


Simplified and Intuitive filling process - Our design makes RxBLU™ easy to learn and use which results in the lightning fast filling of Rxs!  Central Fusion™ design displays all needed data on screen at time of fill. No need for additional clicks and opening multiple windows.


CloudCentric™ Technology

RxBLU™ is beyond the cutting edge of internet communication technology.  RxBLU MoblieSite™ and RxBLU TelePharamcy™ are both examples of our ability to provide operational opportunity to those who desire to provide their patients the best experience possible no matter where they live or the circumstances of the day.


Automated Application Updates

RxBLU™ intelligence performs self updates when needed.  This eliminates the need for pharmacy staff to perform these updates.



Our dynamic IVR product allows your patients to communicate using VOIP to refill and leave messages for pharmacy staff.  All our messages are personalized by you which helps nurture the relationship with your patients.


Other features include;

  • Pharmacist on call - If you choose to be on call for your patients questions and concerns, easily connect to any forwarding number.

  • Outbound calling - Have Rxs ready to be picked up?  Simply set a number of days threshold and let RxBLU VOIP IVR™ make those automated reminder calls for you.


RxBLU PatientConnect™

Easily utilize advanced communication features to notify your patients via text messages when prescriptions are available to be picked up.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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